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    The level of qualification of the service technicians increases

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    Accelerated fault analysis

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    Correct identification: Learn how to correctly interpret symptoms

Technical Training

For SENNEBOGEN dealers

The entire product range of the Material handling machines, Cranes, and Duty cycle crawler cranes are covered with our attractive training program. The training units are structured modularly, and are offered in German, as well as English, naturally interpreters are available on request.

  • Your employees will be made intensively familiar with our understandable technology
  • Your employees learn how they can service our machines and keep them optimally maintained, on their own

Modular course system

A modularized course system offers participants ideal possibilities for dealing with our products in detail and for further development of their knowledge and skills. Thus we ensure efficient transfer of knowledge and a uniformly high standard. Through the coordinated course system, the best prerequisites are in place for building on a common knowledge base in the advanced courses.

Basic Training

Our Basic Training (BT) imparts the most important knowledge concerning the SENNEBOGEN Group to the participants. You become familiar with the corporate philosophy and obtain an exclusive insight into our modern production locations. You become acquainted with your specific contact persons and make new contacts. Our modular training world offers a well grounded introduction particularly, for new dealers and service personnel. The Basic Training is the prerequisite for the subsequent course program.

Technical Training

Building on the Basic Training, we offer a variety of product-related Technical Training courses (TT). In this regard content includes operation and maintenance of our machines, fundamentals of hydraulic and electrical circuit diagrams, as well as knowledge concerning hydraulic pressure adjustment. With our Technical Training (TT), in particular, in the future you can reduce the deployment time and travel time of your service employees and organize your processes more efficiently.

Expert Training

SENNEBOGEN Expert Training (ET) is specifically designed for realistic troubleshooting. The specific functions of the assemblies are dealt with in detail. In our modern and optimally equipped training halls, machines and test rigs are available for hands-on practice.

How to become a SENNEBOGEN product expert

Successful participation in our three-level training offering, consisting of Basic Training (BT), Technical Training (TT), and subsequent Expert Training (ET), empowers the participants with comprehensive knowledge of the SENNEBOGEN products. Associated with the Expert Training, the so-called accredited SENNEBOGEN Product Expert status is achieved. Subsequently these Product Experts will be regularly trained on new products in semi-annual Expert Updates. Special seminars together with our engineers and internal product specialists round out the continuing education offering.

Advantages for SENNEBOGEN Product Experts:

  • Exclusive group of participants, only for top qualified product specialists with several years of SENNEBOGEN experience
  • Inclusion in a special mailing list, regular information concerning technical changes
  • Close contact with other SENNEBOGEN Product Experts worldwide
  • Inclusion in new product developments
  • Always up-to-date through regular product training courses
  • Preferential treatment when booking courses