SENNEBOGEN Training - practice and theory combined
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Technical trainings for SENNEBOGEN dealers

Our attractive training program covers the entire product range of material handlers, telehandler, cranes and duty cycle cranes. The training units are modularly structured and are offered in German and English - interpreters are of course available upon request.

  • Your employees are intensively familiarized with our easy to understand technology
  • Your employees learn how to maintain and optimally repair our machines themselves


Modular course system

A modularized course system offers participants the best opportunities to be trained in detail on our products. In this way, we guarantee efficient knowledge transfer and a consistently high level of training. The interrelated course system provides the best conditions to build on the same basic knowledge in the advanced courses.

SENNEBOGEN Training - Modular course system: step by step knowledge transfer and practical experience
Our customized, modular course system enables optimal learning success in the shortest possible time.
SENNEBOGEN Training - practice and theory combined

Technical Trainings

With our Technical Trainings (TT) we offer a variety of product-related training courses for all machine categories. The contents mainly include the operation and maintenance of our machines, basics of hydraulic and electrical circuit diagrams as well as knowledge of hydraulic pressure adjustment. Due to the regular participation in our technical trainings and the resulting growing expertise, you will reduce the working hours of your service staff in the long run, speed up problem solving and make your processes in the worldwide customer service even more efficient thanks to well-trained specialists.

SENNEBOGEN Training - practice and theory combined

Expert Trainings

On the basis of the technical training courses, the Expert Training (ET) is specifically designed for the identification of errors and realistic "trouble shooting". The individual functions of the assemblies are explained in detail in the machine-specific Expert Trainings. The practical exercises focus on working on the machine and our test stands as well as on the exchange of experience and detailed troubleshooting.

SENNEBOGEN Training: from beginner all the way to becoming an expert

How to become a SENNEBOGEN product expert

Successful participation in our three-level training program, consisting of basic training (BT), technical training (TT) and followed by expert training (ET), enables the participants to gain comprehensive knowledge of SENNEBOGEN products. This leads to the status of an accredited SENNEBOGEN product expert. These product experts are then regularly trained on new products in half-yearly expert updates. Special seminars held together with our engineers and internal product specialists round off the continuous training.

SENNEBOGEN Training - practice and theory combined

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