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    Gas-saving and careful driving 

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    Best possible machine uptime

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    More safety in operation

Operator training

We're aware of your responsibility to your workers. That's why our highly practical training gives machine operators what they need to operate the system independently and responsibly, as well as to recognize and correct minor malfunctions themselves. The training has been designed to be flexible and give plenty of leeway for meeting individual needs.

Participants will learn how to operate the machine and how it works, how to perform routine maintenance and cleaning, and receive tips for operating the machine with as few disruptions as possible.

Correctly interpreting error messages and taking the necessary measures, assemblies and definitions of terms, mechanical engineering, safety regulations, using attachments incl. training maneuvers

Workers responsible for operation. For new machines, this training should take place before startup.

1,5 days

Training side, trainer:
SENNEBOGEN Academy,Certified SENNEBOGEN trainer 


  • Theoretical and practical training
  • Routine visual inspections and function checks, and much more
  • Efficient machine control
  • Training as an experience
  • Certificate of participation
  • All-inclusive catering