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    Extended service life: better maintenance, optimal detection

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    Gas-saving and careful driving

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    Best possible machine availability: less downtime

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    Authorizations based on German or individual national requirements

Operator´s license

The employers' liability insurance associations and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health state that earthmoving machines and cranes may only be operated by trained and certified personnel.

Over a two-day theoretical and practical seminar, we teach you how to competently and safely operate and perform maintenance on handling machines/cranes.

With this training, your workers, who already have knowledge of and experience with handling these machines, will gain the skills and expertise necessary to operate excavators and loaders and obtain their operator's license for earth-moving machines or for crawler and telescopic cranes.

Legal principles, definitions of terms, hazard analysis, practical introduction to SENNEBOGEN handling machines incl.test maneuvers, securing, servicing and maintaining the machine. For crawler and telescopic cranes: smoothly lifting and lowering loads, lifting capacity limitation and load moment limitation.

Machine operators looking for tips and techniques for increasing efficiency one day at a time. Anyone who wants to become an expert on inspecting SENNEBOGEN material handling machines.

2 days

Training side, trainer:
SENNEBOGEN Academy,Certified SENNEBOGEN trainer 


  • Obtaining an operator's license
  • Practical tests at a demonstration site
  • Insider expertise
  • Modern teaching and learning materials
  • Operator confidence
  • All-inclusive catering