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  • Your benefit

    Extended service life: Better maintenance, optimal detection 

  • Your benefit

    More safety on the job

Technical training

Participants gain an overview of the machines and become familiar with where the components are and how they function.

They will learn about operation and maintenance, and learn how the primary components work. They will be able to comprehend how the system works from the hydraulic/electrical circuit diagram and be able to troubleshoot issues. With the right mix of theoretical expertise and practical exercises, we show you how to extend service life, maximize efficiency and safely operate the machine.

Tools and equipment, servicing and maintaining the machine, working with hydraulic and electrical circuit diagrams,pressure control, troubleshooting, working efficiently with the machines, adding attachments

Operators and garage personnel responsible for operating and repairing the machine.

2,5 days

Training side, trainer:
SENNEBOGEN Academy, Certified SENNEBOGEN trainer


  • Professionals training your workers
  • Increased machine availability
  • Modern teaching and learning materials
  • Up-to-date industry expertise
  • Test, training certificate
  • All-inclusive catering