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Training Program for SENNEBOGEN Employees

SENNEBOGEN Akademie GmbH & Co.KG offers a goal-oriented training and continuing education program based on our product groups that is in line with achievement of our corporate objectives. The focus is on practical learning, as well as the experience of the SENNEBOGEN brand historically, today, and in the future. Our seminars and training courses are designed for all employees and include topics on:

Product training / technical competence

  • New products and training on existing machines
  • Maintenance, repair, diagnostics
  • Systems and modules

Non-technical training

  • Methods competence (e.g. time management and self-management)
  • Personality/social competence (e.g. rhetoric and communication)
  • Management and leadership competence

The SENNEBOGEN Academy is designed to meet the learning needs of our seminar and training participants in a manner that is tailored for specific target groups, and to satisfy all the requirements imposed on the modern transfer of technical knowledge and skills. Experienced internal trainers, as well as expert external contributors are available for execution of the various measures. This guarantees a high standard of quality and sustainable knowledge transfer.